Notes when planning to travel to Phu Quoc rainy season

Phu Quoc tourism is always the top search of most tourists in any season. But to make a perfect travel plan, even traveling to Phu Quoc, you should carefully study the weather and the effects if going this season, because with careful planning, the Pearl Island is truly a resort paradise for you!

Notes when planning to travel to Phu Quoc rainy season

A brief overview of Phu Quoc rainy season tourism weather

If you want to travel to Phu Quoc, knowing the weather situation is very important.

You may not know, the weather in Phu Quoc is influenced by the subequatorial, mild and cool tropical monsoon climate. Not only that, Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, so there are also differences in climatic characteristics. Phu Quoc always has a lot of sunshine, the average annual temperature ranges from 25-27 degrees Celsius. The average number of sunny hours per day accounts for 6-7 hours.

In Phu Quoc, there are 2 distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. In the dry season, the island receives the Northeast monsoon, so in April to May, the weather is very hot. Phu Quoc is also the gateway to the West – Southwest wind, so there is very high humidity in the rainy season. The humidity at this time can be up to 4-5%.

This article will give you an overview guide when you travel to Phu Quoc, so you will focus on the things you need to note of the rainy season here, and about the dry season, please follow other articles of Vntrip!

Notes when planning to travel to Phu Quoc rainy season

Rainy season in Phu Quoc

The rainy season in Phu Quoc lasts from late May to early October. The air humidity in Phu Quoc is especially high, cloudy. Pearl Island will suffer from unceasing, continuous rains. Phu Quoc Sea at this time is also strong, big waves, high winds, it is difficult to move to the island. Visitors are also restricted from recreational activities on the beach: cool bathing, photography, snorkeling.

Traveling in the rainy season in Phu Quoc will also have more difficulties for tourists when they want to walk, explore the primeval forest, climb mountains. Although the rains here are not persistent, they all pour suddenly and heavily, making the roads slippery, limiting visibility, and significantly obstructing traffic.

This season in Fuguo, although it is said to be a rainy season, does not rain every day. There will be rainy days interspersed with sunny days. You can still travel to Phu Quoc in the rainy season but be cautious when participating in outside activities. Specifically, you should pay attention to monitoring the weather forecast, swimming at the beaches under the guidance of the management and rescue team. You should only travel by boat in case of absolute necessity, do not try to cross forest roads or participate in scuba diving.

Traveling in the rainy season of Phu Quoc, on the west coast of the island, there will be many large waves, very strong winds, sweeping a lot of garbage to the shore, the sky is black, it is impossible to swim. Guests should choose to stay in hotels and resorts on the East coast, the sea is clearer and calmer to ensure safety as well as avoid strong winds or sudden rain.

Notes when planning to travel to Phu Quoc rainy season

What month does Phu Quoc have a typhoon?

If you have researched for the rainy season trip to Phu Quoc, you will know that the climate here is not always calm. Phu Quoc will experience heavy stormy winds between July and September 7. At this time, storms often come suddenly and the rain and wind are very strong. Streets can be flooded, flooded. Navigation at sea has become extremely difficult, to the point where it can be postponed altogether, waiting for the hurricane season to resume.

The sea this season is rough, the water is turbid again. High humidity in the air. Resort tourists in Phu Quoc will be more or less affected. However, the cost of tourism services on the island at this time is much cheaper than the peak tourist season. Guests can save maximum costs of renting rooms, dining, trains ,…

During the typhoon season, visitors to Phu Quoc are not many, so there will definitely be no crowding and jostling scenes when participating in entertainment activities. Not to mention, you will never have to worry about running out of hotel rooms, motels to rent. Sao Beach and Khem Beach are especially more beautiful in the typhoon season, so when the weather is good, visitors can roam, swim at these two famous beaches.

Notes for visitors when traveling in Phu Quoc rainy season

Phu Quoc storm in May does not matter much to your trip if you are always prepared. If you have planned to travel to the rainy season of Phuc Quoc, then pay close attention to the following:

  • Take a good look at the weather forecast and arrange a suitable schedule and time for activities during the trip. If there is a storm, you are also mentally prepared for other options such as canceling tickets, changing attractions, eating accordingly.
  • It is recommended to bring a raincoat to put on that is still easy to move. Use a travel bag, waterproof backpack, or plastic bag to shield your backpack. Wrap your belongings in a large plastic bag first and put them in your backpack to make sure your belongings stay dry.
  • Limit outdoor fun activities on stormy days: bathing, scuba diving, trekking, rock climbing,… Always accompany an experienced tour guide when participating in activities on the island.
  • Avoid traveling in the dark during storms. If you need to go too quickly, you can rent a coach. However, the best thing to do is still to stay in a safe shelter until the storm is over.
  • Do not wear clothes that are too tight when traveling in the rainy season. When soaked in water, it will be very uncomfortable, can cause redness, itching.
  • In the luggage bag should not be missing a personal first aid box. The box may include: personal bandages, peroxide peroxide, cold medicine, wind oil, insect bite medication, antibiotics, common digestion,…
  • It is recommended to prepare soft, easy-to-wear shoes, non-slip soles and quick-drying washes. If possible, wear plastic sandals to support them when they get wet.
  • If you are still wondering whether to book a room on the west coast or the east coast of the island, decide to book a room to stay in the center of Duong Dong town. In the rainy season, room prices are cheap, the central location is also convenient to travel, eat, shop, play and play,…

Notes when planning to travel to Phu Quoc rainy season

In short, in terms of climatic factors, the most ideal time to travel to Phu Quoc is in the dry season, from October to May next year. Visitors can participate in activities on the sea, in the mountains, in the forest, residential areas in the most convenient way. However, the peak tourist season will lead to problems with high prices, colored rooms are full, entertainment, eating and drinking have to be bon chen, waiting for a long time,…

Therefore, choosing the optimal travel time in terms of price for travelers who want to save money is at the beginning of April or the end of October. At this time, it is the beginning and end of the rainy season, so the temperature is still pleasant, the sea is still calm and the rainfall is little. This is also the time when the landscape on the island is both beautiful, few people visit, reasonable service price, affordable and affordable.

With this detailed article of Vntrip, hope to be able to help you answer the questions as well as notes for you when planning to travel to Phu Quoc! Because to be precise, traveling to Phu Quoc at any time has its own interesting things. You can always actively choose the schedule that best suits your needs and conditions! Please refer to more articles sharing travel experiences as well as tours, booking hotel rooms in Phu Quoc too!

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