Guangzhou destination with many interesting experiences

Referring to Guangzhou, everyone immediately thinks of clothes, shopping… But this place is also an interesting tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the world. With the information below about Guangzhou city partly helps you have a fun and meaningful trip.

Where is Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is known as the capital and most populous city of Guangdong province in southern China. It is located on the Pearl River and 120km from Hong Kong and 145km from Macau.

Guangzhou, China

The busy city of Guangzhou (Image: ST)

Guangzhou City is also known as one of China’s three largest cities, located in the heart of the most populous built-up urban area, an area extending to the cities of Foshan, Dongguan and Shenzhen, forming one of the most powerful metropolises.

When to Travel Guangzhou

The time of 4 and 5 months in China at this time is very suitable for travel. i At this time, the weather is warm, cool, not too hot. Besides, you can travel to Guangzhou at the end of October, this is also the ideal time for you to visit tourist sites. You need to pay attention to avoid going to Guangzhou in 10 and 6 months, this is summer, the climate is hot and dry!

Guangzhou, China

The weather is suitable to go to Guangzhou, China (Image: ST)

Transportation to Guangzhou

+ Aircraft:

If you decide to fly, you should book early, avoid running out of tickets or extremely high ticket prices because booking close to the flight date. You can buy air tickets to Guangzhou from Hanoi from airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines …

Guangzhou, China

Travel by plane to Guangzhou (Image: ST)

+ Road:

If you go overland to Guangzhou, China, you will have interesting experiences. You need to move to Mong Cai or Huu Nghi border gate to carry out exit procedures, note that China time is 1 hour faster than Vietnam time, you should arrange a suitable time to avoid being late for the car.

By road through the border gate (Image: ST)

– Transportation in Guangzhou city is quite diverse with ships, trams, trams, buses, subways, taxis … Tourists often choose taxis as the main means of transportation. To get from the suburbs to the city, the subway costs about 3 yuan, taxis about 30-35 yuan.

Guangzhou, China

Transportation inside the city (Image: ST)

Interesting places in Guangzhou

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

The memorial hall is located in the center of the city, built to commemorate the talented leader Sun Yat-sen. This is one of the Guangzhou tourist destinations you should visit, the memorial hall is designed and built in a large campus, you can comfortably visit.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (Image: ST)

Baiyun Mountain

The Baiyun Mountains with 30 mountains running in a row form an impressive scene. Here you can take a cable car from the ground to the top of the mountain. In particular, there is an ancient temple on the top of the mountain that is very sacred.

Baiyun Mountain, China

Baiyun Mountain from above (Image: ST)

Viet Tu Park

Known as the largest park in Guangzhou, with the perfect combination of cultural relics and ecotourism. Coming to Viet Tu Park, you will have moments of real relaxation by fresh air, spacious space of rich vegetation, poetic lakes.

Chinese Yuexiu Park

Guangzhou Yuexiu Park, China (Image: ST)

Citic Plaza

Citic Plaza is a skyscraper in Guangzhou, one of the famous tourist destinations in Guangzhou. The 80-storey Citic Plaza building is the 4th tallest concrete structure in China and the 8th tallest in the world. This is one of the famous shopping destinations you cannot miss when coming to Guangzhou!

Citic Plaza Guangzhou, China

Citic Plaza (Image: ST)

What to eat in Guangzhou?

Wonton noodles

This noodle dish Guangzhou is extremely famous, visitors come here to enjoy the taste, the processing is extremely sophisticated. The thin crust and filling and ground meat and shrimp in wonton balls, another important point is the rich, juicy clear broth.

Wonton noodles

The famous noodle dish in Guangzhou (Image: ST)

Guangzhou roast duck

The duck meat is preliminarily cleaned, then marinated with spices and then grilled. When cooked, one can serve duck meat with rice paper, cucumber, onion, chili pepper and dip with dipping sauce.

Guangzhou roast duck

Guangzhou roast duck (Image: ST)


The cake is old and unique in Chinese cuisine. The filling is very diverse from beef, chicken, shrimp ,… This is also a familiar breakfast or late-night meal of Cantonese people.

Guangzhou rolls

Attractive rolls in Guangzhou (Image: ST)

Kungpao Chicken

It is one of the delicious and attractive dishes in Guangzhou that is loved by many people. This dish has a spicy, slightly sweet taste of chicken combined with the fleshy taste of peanuts.

Guangzhou Kungpao Chicken

Kungpao chicken is loved by many people (Image: ST)

Interesting shopping places in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is known as a shopping paradise. The price of goods here is extremely cheap, you can go to Bach Ma market. This market is famous for cheap but beautiful clothes, you can freely bargain without worrying about any problems. Here, you can freely choose items as gifts for your relatives.

Guangzhou Market

Guangzhou Market (Image: ST)

In addition to Baima Market in Zhannanan Road – Guangzhou, you can also go to Tianma clothing market, Hongjin clothing market, Liuhua market,… There are many clothes in the Chinese Guangzhou market that are famous for their low prices and very good quality.

Guangzhou Market

Selling a variety of cheap items (Image: ST)

Guangzhou Market

Guangzhou is a destination not to be missed in China with attractive attractions, diverse cuisine. If you intend to travel to China, do not forget to visit Guangzhou to experience these wonderful things!

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